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We do to see the development of people not as work but as purpose.

We are available to you as trainers with years of experience in leadership training, product and project management training and other subjects.

Or ask us for process support in business development and innovation topics. We assist your team as a catalyst and coach. We make sure that your team defines its goals and actions as a whole and stands behind the solutions and actions at the end of the process.

  • Gallup StrengthFinder Test (Web based)

  • 90 Min. Evaluation and Coaching (virtuel)

You can find the process and content here: LINK

Offer Fr. 249.--

StrengthsFinder Combo

You would like to know more about your personal strengths in order to use them purposely at professional or everyday level.

  • Project management tailor-made workshops for your company and your needs.

  • Coaching and process supervision for project managers or project team.

Individualized offer

Successful Project Management 

You are looking to standardise project management, train young employees as project managers or further advance project management aspects in your organisation.

  • 1-3 days training at a location of choice

  • Documentation CANVAS Tools

  • Specific adaptation to your market, your target groups, your needs.


Business Model Canvas

You and your team want to develop new business ideas, adapt processes or develop awareness of customer needs in a hands-on, innovative way.

We develop your employees and leaders in the awareness and handling of expectations. The internal collaboration as well as the interaction with customers will be significantly improved and thus the achievement of goals will be assured.

Individualized offer

Manage expectations!

You notice that the expectations of internal and external customers are not being met. Frustration among employees, dissatisfied customers and incremental costs or loss of customers are the result.

Change it!

  • 3 coaching sessions, 90 min. each (personal or virtuel)

  • Targeted work with the Business Model Canvas

  • Documentation and tools


Business Model You

An effective methodology in 4 steps to develop a "personal business model" that allows you to respond to a changing world or find alternatives in your professional environment.

  • Conception

  • Documentation

  • Implementation

  • Post-processing

  • Implementation

Individualized offer

Workshops on Request

In which area should development or change take place?

Talk to us and let us introduce you to a training or development concept which fits your needs. Our toolbox is well stocked and our experience in working with adults is extensive.

  • Workshops/seminars worldwide

  • Individual coaching in the Bern, Zurich and Lausanne area

  • Offers can be adapted at any time

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